Gadhimai Mela, Nepal

Gadhimai Mela, Nepal, originally uploaded by rpb1001.

Last week I attended the Gadhimai Mela. Mela means festival in Nepal. For me it was like another world entirely. The Mela has gained some notoriety internationally because of the ritual slaughter that takes place there. Approximately 12,000 male buffaloes are ritually sacrificed there and many thousands more are slaughtered in the 5km zone around Gadhimai’s temple.

I am writing up this experience for the interested to read. Is hard to get a flavour of how it was from pictures alone, but then I don’t guarantee that the text will make it that much clearer.

Meanwhile, see the photos here. Some are bloody but please put your squeamishness to one side.

There is a great reflective piece on this here:

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