Pee on your basil

If you have the problem of your pasta getting cold while you are waiting for your basil garnish to grow, try peeing on it. Actually, perhaps it is better to pee into some kind of container to prevent accidents on the windowsill.

This photo comes from the GTZ headquarters in Eschborn, Germany where they are working on promoting ecological sanitation.

Urine is a great fertilizer, the only real problem with it is that it is liquid so hard to transport. But if you have a garden, it works really well on plants when diluted around 5:1. 

The other problem with urine is this rational or irrational yuk factor. Urine in its pissed-up-the-side-of-a-building form is really no good. Urea breaks down slowly in air releasing amonia which has a characteristically pungent smell which makes no friends. Kept in a container and applied to soil directly this does not happen as soil bacteria can begin to process it immediately in to more stable forms.

One day this century we’ll have to do this as a critical and irreplaceable element in fertilizer becomes more scarce. 

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3 thoughts on “Pee on your basil

  1. Check this:

    It's a part of a documentary (Water-The Great Mystery)on the latest research on water and everything made of water – people, plants… Amazing if true! I checked some names of the experts (one of them is a Nobel prize winner, other PhDs, members of the academies, researchers…) that appear in it and they are real and also match with the faces 🙂 Some time ago I got (I think original) Russian version with Serbian subtitles. I recommend seeing it all.
    I guess it explains why you have to love plants if you want them to grow 🙂

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