How to clean a toilet without chemicals

This is good – I saw it some time back and have often thought about it. It uses prevention and thinking rather than, well, the opposite.
The premise is that squirting chemicals into the environment will-nilly isn’t good. The second point is that it often isn’t necessary. If it is not necessary then coating (and staining?) the bowl in blue (the colour of clean?) coloured drips is a small and mindless act of pollution (ask the folks who manage the sewage plants, or a fish). 
As the author points out, if you scrub with the brush once a week, your toilet will remain nice and clean. That’s it. 
It is also interesting to contemplate the marketing of toilet cleaners which are all about making us afraid of germs and smells. Firstly the smells: open the window and wait. Secondly those germs. “Kills 99% of all known germs, even under the rim!”. Picture the team of researchers swabbing peoples fingers in trains running up and down the length of the UK. Guess what they found! Around 50% of those swabbed had faecal matter on their fingers! The last place we need to be worried about germs is under the toilet’s rim, it’s a hoax! Worry about the light switch!

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