From the Guardian today:

– April 7, 2008 3:36 AM

Just a brief reality check…

Education was never designed to educate and fit people for life, and clearly does not, it’s purpose is to fit people for work.

Hmm, work, where we earn money, the coin of our survival in this chummy global village and where employers try to pay as little as possible whilst rinsing the same employees, as consumers, for as much as possible, aided and abetted by that beast that resides in most UK homes, the advert driven one eyed monster. Welcome to the machine!

Turning out little work clones does not seem to me to be incompatible with Brain Gym the latest fantasy money spinner to emerge from the bowels of California. Neither church nor state really wants or makes any effort to encourage people to think for themselves, nor is that something that is taught or encouraged in schools.

People who do attempt to think for themselves generally discover that a whole lot of what passes as normality is, in fact, terrifyingly weird and, once seen and understood, very difficult to deal with. Such people can become a little strange themselves, like becoming travellers, suffering scorn and vilification from mother societies best for whom Brain Gym, I am sure, will provoke street riots as they strive to get their kids into the more desirable schools promoting Brain Gym.

Charlie, the idiots have been winning for a long time from the first time some bastard (highly likely) set himself up as king by claiming all the land for himself and making every person on that land his peasants and getting very fat on the proceeds of their labour and even getting those same peasants to fight his fucking wars for him. We really aren’t that much further on.

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