Transcendental Meditation practice in Kathmandu

Today I tried a Transcendental Meditation (TM) course in Kathmandu. It is a course in 4 parts followed up closely with a lifetime of twice a day practice. TM and Mr Maharishi Mahesh Yogi got a large boost of publicity in the 60s when the Beatles came to visit.

According to the TM organisation’s website the technique is a simple as falling off a log, yet you can’t learn it from a book, tape, video etc. To learn it you have to pay money. No open source approach here.

The first step was an introduction about what TM is. There was quite a lot of theorising about how TM is scientific in its nature. Well reaching a physiologically calmer state during meditation seems to have been proven, but I am not so sure about the link between that meditative state and the Unified Theory of quantum physics for instance.

One thing that appealed to me was the idea that as the body naturally tends towards healing itself, the mind tends naturally towards happiness – all you have to do is let it. A nice thought. The result of calming the thoughts in the mind, should be bliss (a fantastic word) which – I get confused here – is the point where the noise of conscious thoughts stop and pure ego-free awareness is experienced… something like that – sure there must be something on Wikipedia about it.

So the technique is really just sitting comfortably and using a mantra to focus the mind on as little as possible for 20 minutes. When distractions come, slowly repeating the mantra allow you to put those thoughts and distractions to one side.

Right now I should be doing my first mediation practice but I am writing this, don’t have a cushion, am hungry, need to do any number of other things. 20 minutes is a lot of time.

But I will do it. In summary, I think if you take 40 minutes out of your waking hours to sit quietly, relax, breath gently, think of nothing and occasionally feel blissfulness, that can only be a good thing. The question is will I be able to notice benefits – what, how and when? And will the seemingly excessive cash outlay be worth it?

15 thoughts on “Transcendental Meditation practice in Kathmandu

  1. hi,I am interested in TM, i am searching for such center in Kathmandu. Can you let me know where i can find one.Thank u in advance.Kancha Thapa

    • I am uk sidha visiting Kathmandu. Article here answers all its own questions. Benefits build slowly over the years. I have been practising since 1986. Looking back, not a minute has been wasted. Best way to spend forty minutes ever. I see myself today, and I remember myself in 1986. I say thank God he's gone !!!!!!! Relationship between quantum theory and pure consciousness is obvious really .One thing I say rather controversial even in wonderful Nepal : if you have been regular dope smoker this helps when yo sstart TM because dope relaxes physiology, and tense physiology is where stress lives, and stress produces many negative thoughts which TM can dissolve over time
      Jai Guru Dev

  2. Hi all, Where is TM center in KTM now a days. It was in Gaushala before. Anyone known about ? Please let me know. The teacher was Mr. Madhav Prasad Aryal

  3. I have heard that TM causes many different types of mental illness. There is lot of research prooves this, and many TM believers behaved very wierd. I have been practicing it as well, and I also got serious problems time to time. Stopping TM made my life little better. I wouldnt advise to learn it. Unfourtunately this is just a company want to earn money on us. They fool with flying and all kinds of miserable stuff…
    Take Care

    • Hello Bela,
      I don't believe TM itself would cause mental illness. The essence of it is so simple.
      If you have research to back up your assertions, please post links to it here.
      I could imagine the organisation and people could drive you nuts, but I am not even sure about the phrase "TM Believers" as it is in theory a practice. I would practice on the bus, at home etc. and steer clear of the groups, class, centres, cults etc.
      Having said this I have nothing to do with TM whatsoever! Just my opinion.

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