Pursuit 1 and 2

Pursuit 1, originally uploaded by rpb1001.

Hard to see in this picture but this is in front of KC’s Restaurant (Thamel’s oldest restaurant apparently) which has a small take away selling pizza slices, sandwiches and cakes.
A girl was walking down the street pursued by 3 homeless boys begging for food. Two carrying sacks of the cardboard and plastic they had been collecting and another of the group ferral kids that have their home on Tridevi Margh. The pursued girl walked passed the window of KC’s and then turned around walked back and went inside.

It was the speed with which the 3 boys ran to the window and lined up to see what she was going to buy that made me run downstairs and take a picture. It was pitiful to watch.

A minute later she stepped back outside and walked back in the direction from which she came and the pursuit resumed.

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