karate tubes demonstration

karate tubes demonstration, originally uploaded by rpb1001.

If you have ever wondered what to do with old fluorecent strip lights, here is an option: donate to the Vashanavi karate club for one of their demonstration days.

I was invited, as a guest of honour it turned out, by Sunil, who I met a couple of weeks ago on the Nuwari marathon puja day which I will write about and backdate. The demonstration began at 8am and I turned up smelling very slightly of old Everest beer.

He is a karate teacher and runs the class that some of these students choose to take. They pay his travel and wages and by the look of things it is all run on a thin shoestring judging by the ragtag collection of outfits (and lack of) which cost around 6 euro each new.

Anyway, the results were pretty impressive given the circumstances. There were more girls than boys, 2 blackbelts and a definate can-do attitude. I has a front row seat, as a guest of honour and witnessed full body contact sparing between a couple of 11 year olds, smashing of roof tiles, the above destruction of old tubes and a motorbike ridden by a cool ‘master’ across the stomach of an unusually large student.

Afterwards we had tea and biscuits. Very civilised.

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