Gulf air economy class Bahrain to Kathmandu

Odd to say but it was good entertainment to watch people going to the toilet from my near ring side seat (see the one empty pleace i the second row).

The toilet doors on this 7something7 were fold in two, hinged in the middle to save space, I guess like on most planes but I have never really noticed or remembered. Most of the people on the flight were ‘guest workers’ in Middle Eastern countries. The guy next to me drove trucks in Oman; the guy further to the right was an ex-gurkha and worked for UPS in Baghdad airport. All going home to see family and take a break from their unenviable jobs. Midly astounding was the guy in row 5 who wore his pink woolly hat for the duration of the flight.

But the toilets proved hard to get into. People twisted the lock of the cupboard next to the toilet containing the earphones and blankets, tugged on the long-unused aisle ashtray
, placed their fingers gently on the vacant sign and pushed on the left side of the door (logically like you would any door) all to no avail. There was a small letterbox like insert in the door for pulling it closed fromt he outside. One man, having tried the above, flattened his hand carefully and inserted it, as if it might read his fingerprints. All to no avail.

Without exception the confused toilet-goer wuold break into a sheepish smile and turn to the audience for help, which would be duely given with some laughter (laughing with, not at). And all these smiles reminded me of the place I was going to.

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