-a Nepali blogger worth reading.

The Internet is a big place. It’s rather like Kathmandu in some respects. While busy and colourful, there’s lots of needless noise, there’s a lot of rubbish everywhere, a lot of time can be wasted getting from A to B, it’s pretty disorganised and no-one is really in control. And then every now and again you discover a small quiet courtyard of the main super highway / gulli. In this place its neat and tidy, thought and consideration have been given in ample proportions and you find it’s a place you want to visit time and again. This place is

Well that all sounds a bit sycophantic and over the top, and it is, but it’s too late because I’ve typed it now. Anyway, take a visit and see what I am talking about. It makes a great antidote to reading the Nepali press. Try:

for starters.