Rs. 99,999

Hats off to the staff of Mandala Book Point. Not only did they have the apparently fabulous Robert Bolaño book 2666 in stock when it was not to be found elsewhere in Kathmandu, even if it was a little bit grubby, but they made it gift-worthy.

Rather than trying to scrape off the unstickable sticky-glue price-sticker on a 650 Rupee book that might not be liked, or even read by the recipient (as was the case), upon suggestion they replaced it with something much better – a sticker of much higher value.

With much mirth, the labeller was set to the highest value, and out popped a lakh – or just a Rupee short. Rs. 99,999 which at about 1000 Euro exchanged is surely enough to please the most critical recipient of a birthday book.


2666 for 99,999




4 thoughts on “Rs. 99,999

    • we? Is there more than one person waiting!
      Next post will be about the rising number of girls dying their hair the colour of stray dogs. Maybe.

  1. There most definitely are, says the shaman who operates from Pashupati. Well, first I had to explain to him everything that has happened outside of shamanism since the 80s. I also asked him why girls get inspired by dogs every so often – and got an answer that is best left uncommented.

    Next post please.

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