Measured thrice – the world’s new smallest man

khagendra world's smallest person

Khagendra - now 18 and the world's smallest person

A very happy 18th birthday to Khagendra who today turned 18 years old and skipped into the record books as the new world’s smallest man. Republica reports today that he was “measured thrice” for Guiness World Records – morning, noon and afternoon to get an average height for the 22.04 inch (56 cm) high man.

Khagendra has been doing good work promoting Nepal for the upcoming tourism year in which the tourist arrivals figures have to be cooked up from half a million to a full million. There is a fabulous picture of him in New York with a leggy blond.

For some really great and intimate pictures of Khagendra, see those taken by Kathmandu-based photographer Tom van Cakenberghe. His website is at

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