Ok, I’ll bite – Make Money Blogging Free eBook review

A week or two ago, I visited Gulmarg in Kashmir to snowboard. A few days before arriving, there was an unusually big storm which left somewhere between one and two meters of snow lying around. And naturally some of it wouldn’t stay put and, in one particular case, a huge and record-book making avalanche hit an army camp sadly killing 18 servicemen.

While everybody’s concern was with the victims and those being rescued, at the same time, people were desperately waiting for the gondola (the longest in the world no less) to open so that they could head up onto those dangerously avalanche prone slopes. This is how people are of course.

Gulmarg, like any ski-resort, has a snow patrol that monitor the safety of the slopes. It is headed by Brian, from New Zealand. On several occasions he came out to address the waiting crowds before the gondola station. Dressed in tighter-that-usual, all-black ski gear, with neatly cropped ginger facial hair and aviator specs, he cut a dashing figure and thus commanded great authority. As a consequence, no-one seemed to mind too much when he gave the bad news, that, for the time being, the slopes would remain closed.

To move on to the point of this blog entry, he ran a blog on snow safety (which has a fantastic header image) which you can check here: http://www.gulmargsnowsafety.com/. It looked like a nice simple site and I thought the template might be worth using again some time. At the footer, the origin of the template used is always shown. In this case: http://www.dailyblogtips.com/wordpress-themes/. To get the themes you have to sign up to the newsletter which seemed like a worthwhile exchange.

As part of this exchange, I got a free copy of “Make Money Blogging Free eBook” which I read. I blog, so could I ever make money from it? If you own or manage a website then I recommend that you get a copy of it here:


I don’t think I will ever make money blogging, I’d still like more people to read what I write however. For that to happen, I need to do a few things differently. One is to write more often, and be useful, unique while I’m at it. Importantly I need people to link to this site, and I need to link to those who link to me. These are some of the simpler things I learned from the eBook, and this is why I am writing this post. My quote: “It’s changed the way I blog”

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