Love story

Love story, originally uploaded by rpb1001.

These Asics trainers standing on the platform in Zurich have a story behind them. For seven years, since a trip to Paris, they’ve been worn by a pretty, dance-loving Swiss girl called Stephanie.

Walking along a Parisian street with her ex-boyfriend, she heard a fully fledged lovers’ argument from a window high up above. The trainers flew out of the window and landed on the street. She took them.

Now it is seven years later. Even if they’re kind of stolen, they’re still comfortable, they still work, they’re still trainers. Perhaps otherwise they would have already reached the dump many years ago. Heartening to see a reason to wear something that is not simply about appearance or fashion.

I suggested, when she finally decides to part with them, that she go back to Paris, find the street, the window and the owner and return them. Would be interesting to close the loop.

2 thoughts on “Love story

  1. That's such an adorable story, although slightly criminal in a very cute way. Please return them back to their owners as I could imagine the look of surprise or mortification… although the ownersmight not live there anymore? In that case maybe you should just keeep them. 🙂

  2. What a mooie geschiedenis! And youre showing the world some gorgeous pics there..impressive. Tip: De Parade tonight@Martin Luther King park.

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