Everest marathon 2009 dilemas

In about 21 days (29th may) I am planning to join the runners doing the Everest Marathon. There are a few dilemmas associated with it besides risk of heart attack. Firstly I am not going to pay the entrance fee: $US 999 just for receiving boiled water on the run seems nonsensically high for an unemployed layabout. So I am going to print my own number, perhaps either ‘666’ or ‘$US999’ would do, and somehow tag a long avoiding the start line, finish lines and shameful cheapskate embarrassment. As far as I can work out it is just a commercial venture, unlike its competing, non-profit Everest Marathon in the autumn, so I don’t feel too bad, not at all in fact.

The second dilemma is that by doing it I will outstay my visa. I has a chat about this with a man in the immigration office today. He suggested that going over just by one day would be “just a mistake, that’s human nature isn’t it? We all make mistakes all the time.” However if I was 15 days over, then “that would be deliberate and naughty. You would get a 15,000 Rp fine (150 Eur0) and up to 5 years in jail.” I’d better buy some good books to read.

Training has been going okayly and probably I will make it. As usual the objective will be to get it over with as quickly as possible. 5 hours of pain would be better than 6. Still the altitudes on the route horrify me.

As this is not a legitimate entry in a legitimate event, I won’t be raising money for charity. However, if you are feeling flush to the tune of one dollar per month, take a look at this:

http://nepalwireless.net/ and http://www.himanchal.org/one-dollar-a-month/

Quite amazing and hopefully it’ll aid education, and speed up essential communications rather than facilitate moronic chat conversations replete with smilies. Though I guess if your brother is working his ass off in the hot sun of Bahrain and you haven’t heard from him in 6 months, a few smilies are ok.

I wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “Everest marathon 2009 dilemas

  1. To add to your assessment: both marathons are commercial. In itself not bad if apart from profit for the filthy capitalist/feudalist/exploiter some good is served. The autumn one has a charitable agenda associated with it. Don't have any insight into its legitimacy so cannot comment. But they only focus on foreigners. This one has no charitable agenda but big time Nepali participation. That's a good in itself.

    My suggestion re illegitimate entries: better not to go that way. Run the day before and hang around to see the actual race. You can time yourself and see how you compare with the field. If you enter illegally you might become a problem for those working for the race organizer (drink station managers, whatever) but actually have nothing to do with what bothers you. They can't help it. Why make their life difficult.

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