Meeting the happiest man in the world

It is not every day you shake hands with somebody crowned with a world title. At the time I had no idea who Matthieu Ricard was, other than a French monk of high standing.

I’d gone to Shechen Monestary in Boudha to track down a man building a huge monastery on a hill behind Swayambu. The area is pretty dry and I was wondering what how they were going to manage their water supply. I thought it would be an idea to suggest using dry-toilets rather than flush toilets. And so I did. Fortunately the man in charge of the project, Lucch, was present in his office and I presented my ideas to him over a cup of tea.

Today I looked up the pleasant and friendly Monsieur Ricard. Below is a rather amusing article published in the independant.

While searching Google for “the happiest man in the world”, I also found the story of Poppa Neutrino which sounds like another example of a life lived to the full.

Below is a snap of three people working hard on the monastery building project near Swayambu.

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