Buy nothing day: 29th November 2008

So make sure you shop extra hard on the 28th and 30th, right?

Suddenly, we ran out of money and, to avoid collapse, we quickly pumped liquidity back into the system. But behind our financial crisis a much more ominous crisis looms: we are running out of nature… fish, forests, fresh water, minerals, soil. What are we going to do when supplies of these vital resources run low?

There’s only one way to avoid the collapse of this human experiment of ours on Planet Earth: we have to consume less.

Perhaps we should consumer less every day? Only trouble with consuming less is that consumption keeps the engine of the economy turning, keeps us employed and wealthy. But continuous consuming can’t and won’t last forever.

I don’t have a solution: perhaps consuming shares in companies developing renewable energy technology? But buy nothing day might not achieve anything more than giving people time to plan their shopping extravaganza on the 30th.


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