Suni Hundal: Nepal needs a helping hand, not charity

Suni, self-made journalist / blogger. Travelled with him from Delhi to Kathmandu. In his few short days here, staying with a friend of his who is up to her elbows in the aid scene, he wrote this on aid and Nepal.

Is this what I am getting into?

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Waste, or extretia, or fertilizer?

Maggie Black seems to be one of the most eloquent writers on the issue of Eco-sanitation. That is, containing and managing human ‘waste’ at source and not contaminating a huge amount of fresh water with it, at great cost. If you are new to this subject, or have never thought about the principle of what you are doing when you flush, then read the links below.;col1

Alex Treadway

This is a guy I know here in Nepal. From London originally where he worked in graphic design and photography for branding and advertising. For over a year he has been in India and Nepal taking some great photographs. Something in his approach yields fantastic results. I think just patience, empathy and a passion for representing the people he pictures. Perhaps he would disagree. I recommend downloading the photo journals, 7 in all. I have a lot of catching up to do.