Ours is not the common gold.

Ours is not the common gold., originally uploaded by AnomalousNYC.

AnomalousNYC, a very special guy it seems. Activist for Palestine, critic of the state of the USA, street-portraiture craftsman, gentle Photoshopper. Check out his photostream – just click on the picture.

One thought on “Ours is not the common gold.

  1. Thank you for the nice words. I still like this particular portrait very much. She was doing housework – thats the front window of her apartment behind her – and I just stopped her in the street while she was messing with some orchids. It was hot, she was all sweaty and in the middle of things, and she was very gracious and kind to drop everything and model for me like this.

    Thomas/ AnomalousNYC

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