Driver’s dilema

There was a small riot a few days ago after the death of a motorcyclist, I read about it in the newspaper so details are quite sketchy. The riot was serious enough for the police to quell it with teargas (after they were pelted with rocks – apparently).

Here is the issue: a taxi driver knocked a young motorcyclist into the path of a bus which knocked him from his bike. I would imagine he would have been pretty injured at this point but the article did not say. Apparently in accident situations the law says that the person responsible for causing the injury must pay the injured 17,500 Rupees (200 Euro) per year in perpetuity – I guess if it’s a serious, debilitating injury. If you kill someone outright, then you pay 17,500 Rupees to the family of the deceased, one time only.

So this is the driver’s dilemma – the dilemma the bus driver in question apparently faced last Sunday. Risk a lifetime of payments, or shift the gearstick into reverse, reverse and pay just once.


The article suggested that the driver had opted for the cheaper option, hence the riots.

On Monday there was a large demonstration outside the transport ministry, protesting about the fact that this law, which has long needed changing, still exists.